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DrAyBeR is all in one mobile booking app, originally from Philippine ideas as for rental transport and booking app services.


DrAyBeR has been developed specially for 3 types of booking app


DrAyBeR Ph for customer use

DrAyBeR Ph Driver for driver use

DrAyBeR Ph Merchant for store owners and operators for any food products, groceries, fast food chains, restaurants w/ delivery service and many more services.


We would like to recommend DrAyBeR booking app for daily use for many services and benefits.


DrAyBeR with more professional, engineers, and non-professional workforce operating for transport and booking services. Engagement and dealing with other partners.


Also DrAyBeR Merchant partners connected with mobile stores, food orders, pickup and deliveries, and other booking services.


Studied and researched for the safety and security of the riders, drivers, users and merchants were the first concerned, planning and developing before implementing for this booking app for the public usage.



1. DrAyBeR is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of services. Our mission is to provide best solution as DrAyBeR mobile booking app that helps everyone when it comes to booking and transportation services.


2. Build innovative ways to increase productivity and beneficial to all transport and booking services as all in one mobile booking app to provide the best solution in many services.

3. Build economic capacity to all users and partners with drivers and operators to improve transport modernization. Also with merchant for online stores and shops with delivery dervoce and many more services using DrAyBeR mobile booking apps.

4. Promote new technology for advancement of transportation tools using DrAyBeR mobile booking app in real time with recorded data and transactions that can review all history report when required.

5. Provide easy way how to communicate with the drivers to get transport as pre-arrange booking for tranport and online order, express service, order foods, pabili service, pickup and delivery using DrAyBeR apps as door to door service.


6. Provide safety and security using DrAyBeR mobile booking apps with realtime GPS tracking, fleet management and monitoring, technical support and helpdesk support for emergency for any issues and complaints.


Our vision is to be a leading a mobile pre-booking in transport and more booking services for all types of vehicles for any services. We are continuously improve our services by means of innovation within online and mobile booking app. And to be a widest network with partners around the country.


Engaged in taxi's, rental and tourist transportation with more partners, companies, cooperative, corporation, travel & tours, private companies, government agencies for transport modernization using new technology using mobile app to help tansportation needs to speed up communication how to find transport without leaving where you are with safety and security for public, trourist, drivers and users.


DrAyBeR most ambitious vision for the near future and would take to the water and sky to avoid crowded traffic on the ground and meet the expected time to reach your place without delay.

DrAyBeR is ALL IN ONE MOBILE BOOKING APPS to serve the public. Solving all issues how to find transportation and will come to your door step to pick you up, online store and shopping, order foods and delivery, buying to all your essensial needs, pick up and dlivery service, moving and transfering to another place, and many more service from DrAyBeR. It is easily can book online in real time using your own mobile, just need to download DrAyBeR Ph.


Sometimes it is not easy to find your needs, but now DrAyBeR is here to welcome you and serve you with your convenient to book from your own mobile. You can search what is your requirements from DrAyBeR Ph, that is available to download from Google playstore only.


​That’s what we set out to do. We know how important it is to your daily plan and find everything from your mobile with DrAyBeR Apps without leaving where you are.


DrAyBeR Ph has 3 types of Apps for merchant, customer and driver use purposes. Talk to us and we’ll make sure you will get the best results, including guaranteed quality service, safety and security with 100% friendly user DrAyBeR mobile booking apps.


If you don’t have downloaded apps to your mobile, NO WORRY! Still you have option to call us or contact us to book everything you need, we will assist you how to download app for free of charge.


For more inquiry you can call us. Don’t be hesitate to contact us.