Individual Private Owner

How to join?

To be a partner and registered member with the DrAyBeR you need to submit complete documents and review your documents within 7 working days.


Once you have submitted requirements you are welcome to be registered in our DrAyBeR Booking App.


You can't be registered, can't be drived and can't be accepted a booking request from DrAyBer User App without permit from LTFRB or any with the following:


- Provisional Authority (PA)
- Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC)
- Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS)

- etc.


If you have expired permit, registration and insurance, you need to renew it as soon as possible to avoid any circumtances and penalties..


Diffirent types of LTFRB permit to be required depend on your purpose and vehicle model with the following:


- TNVS Service
- Tourist Service
- Trucking Service
- Shuttle Service
- School Service
- etc.


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Interested to be a DrAyBeR Partner ?

DrAyBeR User & Driver app are available upon your request


If no Drayber app installed to your own mobile, Driver and User can be requested or calling helpdesk to be registered, or just give your details for pre-registration.


Driver and User app also available but you need to register here by filling up the form below and submit it. Complete the form and please expect a call from DrAyBeR for confirmation purposes.

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BASIC REQUIREMENTS: 2nd option, send via email

1. Clear copy of Prof. Driving License
2. Clear copy of OR / CR
3. Clear opy of vehicle photos: Front, Back, Left & Right
4. Authorization letter from owner if you are not the unit owner (Later)
5. Other requirements after assessment

individual owner details FORM

Plate No. / MV File  
Full Name   
Driving License No.  
Registration Expire Date  
Have Franchise?  
Interested to assist franchise?  
Additional Message  

next: don't forget to fill up VEHICLE DETAILS FORM. CLICK HERE

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